Monday, April 17, 2017

Going sorta slow-ish!

Mostly I'm scared of game maker and resultantly procrastinate by making anything else.

But I have got a lot done! Here, see for yourself!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Crowfeast Development Blog now active!

What is Crowfeast?
Crowfeast is an upcoming action RPG thriller, it centres around an Orphan who was called Mira, after seeing her parents mistreated and later killed, Mira was taken in by Rannol of the Crowspeakers, who treated her alike one of his own, her brother Rastadrian and Younger Sister Dibella were also cared after by Rannol.

However, while Rannol was a salvation, Mira wasn't happy-- and sought out the Raven Queen for answers, the Raven Queen told Mira that if she were to tell Mira the key to her happiness, everyone else would lose theirs. Mira was saddened, and decided to leave her fate in the hands of whoever had penned it.

However, as she grew, she began to notice a latent power within herself, if she merely believed something would happen, and did all in her power to make it happen, it would, and she would succeed.


When Rannol deemed her ready, he gave her a weapon standard to any Crowspeaker, an animated scythe, one she called Berk.
Mira with her loyal Crowscythe; Berk. Fan Art by Coyotecraft.
Berk caught on to the child's trait, and asked that they speak alone in the shadows, where the sun doesn't reach, even as dim as it is.

Berk revealed to Mira that if she wanted to be happy, she only had to learn how she could achieve that, and once she knew the path, so long as she believed she could do it-- happiness would be hers. Mira stated that the Raven Queen that the Raven Queen had told her otherwise.

Berk said no, she said only what you needed to hear at the time, and that partially... it was true.

Mira returned to Rannol with a fire in her eyes he'd never seen, Rastadrian looked pleased, however, her sister Dibella knew this look wasn't one of innocent joy...

Mira rose quickly within the ranks of the Crowspeakers, her trait now empowering her to do all she needed. However, Rannol began to fear this newer her, but was afraid to say anything, surely he was just looking too much into things... nonetheless, deep down he felt his world crumble.

Then tragedy came, Rastadrian defected to Join the Sun Walkers, Rannol stated that while it upset him, if Rastadrian feels that is what will make him happy, then he must. Dibella wishes him well, Mira however... was incredibly harsh on her brother, and scared him off before he could say goodbye.

Dibella knew now, there was something far more dangerous inside Mira than a desire to be happy, afraid to speak ill of her sister, no longer beside her brother, and bereft of true parents, Dibella took her own life.

Rannol was heartbroken, and despite wanting to, Mira could feel nothing, she instead resorted to think of her sister's frail composure as weak, that she was a runt.

Now outside of Rannol, Mira was alone with Berk, however-- Berk proved to be a sympathetic and reliable ally. Mira lamented she had very little left to fight for now, and that her family wasn't making her happy, and she was only getting angry when they slipped through her fingers. Berk suggested maybe there would be a better way to gain her happiness.

The Crowfeast, if she allowed, he could siphon the blood of those that fell to her to gain more power, with enough, they could overthrow the cruel existence they were living in, and become GODS of their world.

Mira was fascinated, and quickly began to see how ideal it may be, all she'd seen in her life was death and sadness, perhaps, just PERHAPS-- it was time to return the world the favor.

Mira began obsessively reading into any sort of power boosts that could aid her, should she choose to go through with it, this was when she discovered the Sunstone, the very Egg of Ra- the Sun God, himself.

But will Mira go and destroy all she knows, or will she find happiness another way?

To feast or not to feast? This is the question.
Should she Quell and in turn spare the hapless,
or go head on into a wicked bloodbath, and by executing all, end it?
All of it.